About Us

We are building the largest, most searchable, aggregation of travel information.

Our Technology

EVERYTHING TRAVEL aggregates, normalizes, categorizes, and sorts over a million hotels all in one place.

EVERYTHING TRAVEL provides a proprietary ProductMatch™ algorithm. For a specified item, EVERYTHING TRAVEL ProductMatch™ retrieves up to 50 ranked similar items. Items are considered similar if they can serve as a replacement for the specified item.

Similarity with other items is determined by a combination of human organization/curation with computer vision image analysis, keywords in the title, and attribute value matches. Our team of 5 curators supplement our algorithms by added additional matches to help our ProductMatch™ system better understand product verticals. Our computer vision algorithms scan through millions of product images and data points to find and rank the best product similarity recommendations.

ProductMatch™ is able to find product similarities across shapes and styles.

Our servers are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services in California, USA.

Contact Us

Contact us anytime with feedback or questions at customerservice@everythingtravel.com.

PO Box 5000 PMB 223
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
P: (858) 405-5395